Meet Noreen - Member Spotlight on Boston, USA

Susannah Cery
18 Aug 2023
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Tell us what you love about the area you live in?

There is so much we love about where we live. Our backyard abuts public land, which significantly expands the space. It has become sort of a community space for the neighbourhood kids.

Waltham is a city of 65,000, large enough to offer urban amenities with a small-town feel. There are dozens of parks, playgrounds, and green spaces. We are so close to the Charles River, which offers canoeing and kayaking, as well as a river trail that leads to Boston.

We are 10 miles from Downtown Boston, making a trip to the city very easy and convenient.

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What destinations or local gems would you include if you were writing a holiday guide for your home location/surrounding areas?

  1. Prospect Hill Park
  2. Charles River Bike Path
  3. Moody Street - lots of dining options which converts to a pedestrian zone all summer
  4. Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation
  5. Stonehurst, the Robert Treat Paine Estate
  6. Rose Art Museum
  7. Boston area museums
  8. Boston Public Library Copley Square

What are your kid's favourite activities or places to visit in your local area? 

My kids love the variety of playgrounds and splashpads throughout Waltham. There are dozens, all listed here:

A short walk from our home is Connors Pool, a public pool that is open all summer.

Another favourite is the Charles River Bike Path.

My local area and home will suit families that...

...would like access to a large variety of activities in every season. It is perfect for any family that would like to be able to relax together at home, with quick access to Boston.

Which threedestinations would you love to visit using Family Home Swaps

  1. Australia or New Zealand in 2024
  2. Spain
  3. Scotland and Wales 

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