How to prepare your house for Home Swapping

Susannah Cery
21 Jun 2023

Great news! You've confirmed your family home swap. The countdown is on to your family holiday. To ensure you have the best experience, we share our recommendations for preparing your family home swap. 

1. De-clutter and clean: Leave your home clean and tidy. 

We recommend de-cluttering surfaces and leaving suitable space for your guest family to use for personal belongings. Tidy living areas, polish and wipe down all surfaces, vacuum carpets, mop floors, clean the fridge and change bed linen. 

2. Clear some space for your guests. 

Our families realise they are staying in your home rather than a hotel, but we still recommend you create some room for their belongings. Clear some space in your wardrobe and leave plenty of spare clothes hangers. Empty a clothes drawer in each bedroom and clear a kitchen cupboard. It will allow your guest family to pack their belongings away and relax in their new environment. 

3. Remove breakables or sentimental items. 

Do you have any heirlooms or sentimental items accessible? Your kids may have a favourite toy they prefer not to share. For peace of mind, we recommend storing these items for safekeeping. 

4. What will you leave for your guest family? 

To manage both families' expectations, we recommend that you discuss what you will be leaving for your guest family. Fresh linen, towels, washing up liquid, and detergent are often standard practice. However, added touches such as a universal power adaptor, toiletries, and staple food items would further enhance the home swap experience. 

5. Stock the kitchen cupboards. 

Help your guests to settle in by leaving some kitchen essentials such as milk, teabags and coffee. You can even leave some welcome beers or wine in the fridge. 

6. Make a welcome pack. 

Help your guest family settle into your home by leaving a welcome pack. The pack should include; Essential home information. Include wifi passwords, details for household alarms, where to find garage or shed keys, manuals for the heating, air conditioning units, coffee machine, etc. Contact details. Leave a list of local telephone numbers, including taxi firms, trusted babysitters, a plumber, electricians, doctors' surgery, emergency numbers, and local friends or neighbours who are happy to chat with your host family. Inform your guest of the local area. Families will want to use your home to explore the surrounding areas. Leave local maps and transport timetables, and recommend your favourite family days out, cafes, parks, and walks. The more information you share, the better the experience for your guest. 

7. Let your guests know what they need to do. 

Your guest family may need to water your household or garden plants, feed a pet, or put the rubbish out. Add these instructions to your welcome pack or stick them in a prominent place like the fridge door. 

8. Let your neighbours know about your home swap. 

We recommend that you give your neighbours the heads up on your home swap plans, as they may get surprised seeing another family enter your home. 

9. Have fun. 

We launched 'family home swaps' for you to enjoy a unique holiday experience and make lasting connections with our fellow members. We hope that you enjoy your home swap experience. If you have any questions, drop us an email on

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