Frequently Asked Questions


Is it free to list my home?

Yes - it's free to list your home. There are no membership fees or annual costs.

What about insurance?

We always recommend that you speak to your home insurance provider to notify them of your home swap plans.

In addition, every family home swap booking includes biometric verification and a £3m accidental damage and liability guarantee through our global partner Superhog. Click to visit Superhog

Can we swap cars as part of our home swap?

Many families like the option to car swap as it saves on hire-car costs. Before you make an agreement, check that your insurance policy allows your exchange partner to drive your car - if an extra premium is charged, decide who will pay.

How do I liaise with other family members?

Our website has a secure chat system so that you can message prospective home swap families.

Once you home swap is booked we encourage you to get to know your home swap family over Skype or similar video platforms; this fosters better connections and enables you to show each other around your homes.

How do I make my booking?

Confirming your home swap booking is simple.

Click 'Make Booking' (at the bottom of the home listing and on the member's profile area) and follow the simple steps.

Once you have started the process, your home swap family is notified and prompted to complete their details.

When both parties have completed the booking form, your booking is complete and you can start planning your family holiday.

How can I ensure that my family home swap is a success?

Communicating with your home swap family is essential to make sure that you both have the same expectations.

We've created a checklist to help you. Click here to view it.

How do you keep my profile secure?

Your phone number, home or email address will not be made visible anywhere on the Family Home Swaps website. 

To protect your privacy, members cannot see your full name when contacting you about a home exchange unless you choose to share this - just your first name.

For added security we have also chosen to keep home listings hidden from non registered users.

Your home listing

Why is my home listing not visible?

We only show home listings that are 90% - 100% completed. To see what’s missing click on the % button.

How do I upload my photos?

Photos are loaded one at a time. Fifteen photos can uploaded, but only five will be visible on your home listing page. Additional photos will be viewed in the gallery.

The five photos that show on the front page of your listing have been labelled, so please upload accordingly (three home photos and two environment)

Do I have to add photos of my local area?

The local area and environment are a really important element of our community’s travel experience and will influence their home swap choice. We would love to see photos of your local environment and the surrounding areas.

How do I know if my listing is complete?

When you have uploaded all of the required information your home listing will show as 100% complete.

Click on the % button to see what elements you still need to add.

How do I manage my property listing?

Simply click on the menu on the left side of the menu bar and select ‘My Home’. Any changes or updates can be made from this page.

You can hide or activate your listing at any time by clicking on the ‘visible’ button.

How does your calendar work?

We know that family life is busy and planning ahead can be difficult.

Our traffic light system allows you to quickly share dates that you are available for a swap, the dates you cannot do and the months that are open for discussion.

Our community thrives on connection, so we encourage you to engage with other families to confirm the exact home swap dates.

Got a question? Get in touch.