Blog - The Big Idea


by Susannah Cery on 20th May 2020

A good while back, when OTT was still in its relative infancy, some members suggested that they would love the opportunity to home swap within the community.

Within a FB Live, I asked what you all thought. The result was unanimous - you would love to swap homes with other families in this trusted group.

The seed was planted, and I committed to creating a home swap platform specifically for our tribe of families.

Last summer, the universe had my back. I met a partner who could translate my ideas into a web app. Better still, they shared my vision and were keen to form a partnership.

Now, Family Home Swaps is ready to be shared with you. I am so excited to offer your family the opportunity to create global connections and experience the uniqueness of a home swap.

Thanks for your support, and enjoy exploring the world with your kids.